WindSim™ the Game changer

EOS WindSimTM   - is an indusrty first, a true game changer!   WindSim™ galvanizes all the available information and data , including AI driven alerts for early fault predictions direct to the control operators and asset managers whereever they are located.

  • State of the art visual layer, 3D true scale lifelike virtual graphics - Site specific As built 3D models of the offshore assets are uploaded into the environment.
  • Site information - The environment is developed using the site specific data gathered during the SI campaigns.  E.g. Bathy and UXO,
  • Live SCADA data overlays. Including WTG, HV & BoP SCADA, Analogues, digital indications, Alarms and Events
  • Live Web feeds - Meteorological & AIS mapped directly into the environment.
  • Operational system data feeds - Vessel and personnel tracking , Subsea cables monitoring (DTS) If it's digital it can be integrated..
  • AI / ML driven alerts - Results from the back end AI & ML models can be pushed directly to the operator, potentially indicating anomalies that may lead to faults.
  • Additional systems can be integrated, If it has data we can integrate it!


EOS WindSim™ is currently in development and will be available for demo in Q4 2020.
The MVP version of EOS WindSim™ has been part funded by the New Anglia Growth Through Innovation Fund and European Regional Development Fund.